BiScan Fingerprint and Card Scanner DC 21

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BiCard - Biometric Chipless Smart Card

Passport systems

Aura - VibraImage


3D pulse

KELSY – Gas discharge visualization devices on Kirlian's effect

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High-grade silicon photodiodes KDF105A with wide spectral range from 200 nm to 1100 nm, low dark current (no more than 1x10 -10 A) 33mm x mm photosensitive area, and linear transformation light-signal in the range (1000-0,0001) lx, coinciding to current from 1x10-10 A to 1x10-3 A in the short-circuit mode, were worked up and are issued for solution of various tasks in photometry.


Monochromatic sensitivity in the maximum of spectral characteristic, no less than, A/W 0,4
Monochromatic sensitivity on wave's length 254 nm, no less than, A/W 0,08
Device's capacity, no more than, picofarads 500

Typical spectral sensitivity range

Silicon target

More than 20 years "Electron" enterprise issues as well silicon targets for vidicons, as vacuum tubes. Silicon targets presents a matrix from 1.000.000 photodiodes, situated on thin silicon membrane by thickness ~ 10 micrometers. In vacuum tubes the electronic ray realizes signal reading from target. Vacuum tubes, made on the base of silicon targets, distinguishing from CCD by high radiation reliability in high resolution, stay irreplaceable for a lot of applications.

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