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A generally accepted term in Biometrics - "passport" can note not only the nationwide passport, but also any other document that identifies personality's citizen, e.g.: drive certificate, credit card, pensioner certificate etc. Features of Russian fingerprint passport system are in detail developed in the review "Dactyloscopic passport to every Russian".

There is a brief technical description of an automatic working place for making and issuing identification documents (passports) DactoPost.


  • Personal computer PIII - 700
  • Digital television camera AverVideo
  • Fingerprint scanner DC21
  • Plastic cards printer DataCard ImageCard Express
  • Software


Speed of fingerprints input, fingerprints per second 5
Speed of printing identification documents, no less than certificates per minute 1
Identification speed (Pentium III, 700), fingerprints per second 5000
Fingerprint's size by saving in a database, kb 1
Certificates' safety, years 15

Product area

The system can be used as for realization of global national projects (fingerprint registration of people, credit cards protection, charging to account reckoning) as for realization of local information systems (smart systems in firms, hotels, payments in shops).

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