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In fact, XXI is named as the century of the biometrics technologies. The new optical and electro-optical devices let people get and use the information, which was unobtainable and unknown before. Most of the biometrical sections on this site are absolutely new one, even for the explorers, who are hardheaded in the last achievements. If you want to speak your point of view or if you are interested in this information, you can do it by e-mail: We are also interested in the communication, in the development and in the coordination of works in these directions.

Aura is the conditional name of the new images of the biological objects, which are invisible by naked eye (naturally, first of all - images of a man), and contain the unknown information about these objects.

Volume pulse is the system of matrix registration and pulse's analysis, which has a coordinate dependence to the man's vascular system.

KELSY is the scanner and the system of Gas discharge visualization of the images by dint of the Kirlian's effect.

DactoGen is the acquisition system of genetical, physiologic, psychophysical and other information from the fingerprints.

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