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BiScan Fingerprint and Card Scanner DC 21

DC21 - external version DC21 - PC case version

Product area

The scanner is intended for inputting fingerprint information from a live finger and/or from a biometric plastic card and can be used for user's biometric identification in systems of access control, internet, charging to account pay-system, computer's personalization, passport systems etc.

General information

Scanner DC21 makes optical reading of fingerprints with high resolution until 1500 dpi. This scanner is differed of high reliability and stability to mechanic-climatic reactions and let minimize possibilities of errors in the identification (FAR, FRR).

It's possible to put SDK for the request and to embed scanner DC21 in acting systems.


Interface CCIR, ISA, LPT
Speed of fingerprints' input, no less than, fingerprints per second 50
Resolution,, no less than, dpi 1500
Size of an input fingerprint, mmxmm 10(H)x15(W)
Function of falsification protection +
Supply voltage, DC, V 12
     PC case version 5" drive
     External version, mm 75 x 75 x 45
     OEM card, mm 45 x 65

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