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DELSY – Dactyloscopic (fingerprint) Electronic Systems

Nowdays the fingerprint identification technologies, which keep the maximal efficiency of biometric identification, is the established leader in Biometrics. The fingerprint systems are designed and produced by the ELSYS Corp. in cooperation with DELSY Electronic Components AG. The features of presented fingerprint systems are:

  • High resolution (about 1500 dpi);
  • High reliability, mechanical and climatic durability (100000 hours of working life in temperature from - 60°C to + 60°C);
  • The reading opportunity of a live fingerprint and a plastic card by the one sensor - DactoChip.

ELSYS presents the complete suite of means for any fingerprint identification aims for the clients, here it is:

  • Optoelectronic chip which transforms a fingerprint image in an electric signal (DactoChip);
  • High-exactitude fingerprint scanner, compatible with PC (DC 21);
  • Various systems and means of an access control in the security rooms (access control);
  • Fingerprint plastic cards, protection of credit cards, local and global systems of payments with fingerprint protection and passport systems;
  • Identification software is on the level of the working systems and SDK for Windows 98; 2000, including the results and facility of testing in test-base from 3333 fingerprints, including above 10.000.000 comparisons.

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