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08.07.2021 - The 4th International Open Science Conference. Modern Psychophysiology. The Vibraimage Technology

The 4th International Open Science Conference Modern Psychophysiology- Vibraimage Technology was held on June 24-25 in St. Petersburg, Russia. VIBRA2021 Conference proceedings are available for downloading

Conference lecturers and participants were tested for COVID-19 during registration using the one-minute HealthTest program. Contactless COVID-19 testing by vibraimage technology has once again shown high efficiency and applicability.

25.11.2020 - Black Friday 2020 on Psymaker

More than 80% discount on Vibraimage PRO

All other vibraimage PC programs are free for users with PRO dongle!

19.11.2020 - COVID-19 free testing

COVID-19 Diagnosis Program

AIvsCOVID is based on vibraimage technology, measuring micromovement (micro motion, vibration) of person by standard digital, web, IP or television cameras and image processing and result analyzing by artificial intelligence.

1-3 minute test and 100% sure in Health!

Download program from Psymaker

05.08.2019 - Vibraimage PRO and MED upgrade

Vibraimage PRO and MED upgrade.

In Vibraimage PRO program developed a new version of Mix mode, that allows to accurately assess the psychophysiological state parameters (Aggression, Stress, Anxiety) and identify suspicious people in the crowd. The danger level of suspicious person (Suspect) is determined for each person in the frame now. To start the updated mode, go to Mix default and set Alerts/Auto capture image/Print suspect to Yes.

The updated VibraMed10 measures 12 psychophysiological parameters instead of 10. Added measurement of Depression level (T11) and Happiness level (T12).

You can download updated versions on the standard links in the Downloads

20.06.2019 - 6th vibraimage patent

A positive decision was accepted by FIPS on issuing the 6th patent on vibraimage technology by application RU2017109920

31.07.2018 - The 1st International Open Science VibraImage Conference

The 1st International Open Science VibraImage Conference passed in Saint Petersburg in June 2018. More than 100 participants attended the conference. The reports by scientists from Russia, Korea, Japan and China were presented.

The conference materials can be found on the link Psymaker


16.02.2017 - 25 years in biometrics. From the beginning!

February 2017 is a 25th anniversary of Elsys Corp. We want to congratulate all our partners, customers and users of our products with this date! At the present time, VibraImage system has become the most well-known technology for detecting human psychophysiological and emotional status. Nikkei BP a famous publishing company in Japan has include VibraImage to the Top-100 list of Innovation Technologies that can change the world. We are grateful to all our customers and partners for their support, advices and providing of our systems into different areas of science and technology. Elsys Corp is not a big company, but together with our partners we become a great strength!

18.12.2016 - Check your multiple intelligences and talent profile by the program VibraMI

We are not looking for talents. We know that every person is talented. Do you know your talent, aptitude and abilities? Want to know the talent profile of your kids? Take your chance to learn the truth from the psychometric program VibraMI


03.11.2016 - Profiling of non-cognitive abilities and personality characteristics

VibraMI is designed for detection of the non-cognitive abilities and personality characteristics during a psychophysiological testing. See details on Psymaker site.

Psychophysiological profiling system VibraMI software targets the following:

determination of the maximum human abilities area for its professional activities;

recruiting and professional orientation test;

profiling and disclosure of the personal characteristics;

research and measurement of psychophysiological and emotional states of a person;

research and ranking of psychophysiological responses to presented stimulus.

21.09.2016 - Vibraimage apps in clips

Ms. Jane - marketing director of Elsys Corp presents different vibraimage applications:

Public security

Home safety

Online lending


Love detector


Sport and fitness

Health and pharmacy

Pre-shift control

VibraLite apps for all

20.11.2015 - Vibraimage on Japan IT exhibitions

Defense Labor Aero Corporation - Elsys partner in Japan, presented vibraimage technology and products on several exhibitions, like Security & Safety Trade Expo 2015 (RISCON TOKYO) at Tokyo Big Sight

from October 14 to October 16 and SENON LIMITED Information Security Expo (Japan IT Week Autumn) at Makuhari Messe from October 28 to October 30.

From Defense Labor Aero Corp. report:

Attached pictures were taken at the Information Security Expo. As you can see from the pictures, a great number of people visited our booth and they were all interested in the VibraImage products. Today we already have inquiries from several companies that have visited our booth at the Expo.

Our VibraImage presentation was mentioned in several news media.

The VibraImage technology is becoming known to general public in Japan,

and many people talk about the products.

See details about the vibraimage technology on the Psymaker site.

21.09.2015 - Vibraimage 10. Synchronized and parallel vibration processing

New Vibraimage 10 version coming soon. Look news on Psymaker site. Contactless and contact vibration control combines in a new version. Next stage of accuracy in emotion recognition and psychophysiological detection.

23.12.2014 - Free Aura-VI from Christmas Psymaker!

Look your aura in New Year 2015 without any limitations with simple program Aura-VI! Everybody can be Psymaker in 2015!

Download VIbraLite from Psymaker, select Aura-VI in program box, input activation code DEMO_Z and look your aura without limitations!

09.04.2013 - TECHNOplug, Indonesia - a new Elsys partner in vibraimaging

Technoplug, Indonesia - a new Elsys' partner on the East market of vibraimage.

Company presents vibraimage technology for security, psychology and medical applications.

Contact Technoplug for vibraimage sales in Indonesia by the link


03.02.2012 - Which came first Elsys or Biometrics?

In February 2012 we celebrate 20 years of ELSYS Corp. We send our best greetings to partners and users of our products and say thank you for support during this 20 years! Elsys did this world more biometric than it was before. We firstly developed fingerprint chip scanner and biometric passport. It is the absolute reality of nowadays. Now we are developing biometric systems of the third generation for psychophysiological identification of human state. 10 years before nobody believed to this, now we have equal positive and negative opinions about this systems. Be the first in biometrics with Elsys' products! Biometrics4U!

30.12.2011 - New Year Gifts for Elsys' customers

From Ruusia with Love Detector from Elsys Corp. Free Love detector for customers of any Elsys products or programs in 2011. Contact for details.

14.12.2011 - Azerbaijan language support realized in the latest Vibraimage PRO and Lite versions

Together with Russian, English, German, Spanish and Korean languages support were realized Azerbaijan language support in the current Vibraimage PRO (7.5) and Lite versions.

09.12.2011 - Christmas gift for LoveDetector users. Any VibraLite program free.

Only in December 2011. Gift for the love of Love Detector users. Send photo of beloved person captured by LoveDetector program with compatibility level more than 90% and receive any VibraLite program free. You could select even VibraLie+ ( $1350) or VibraLite Box ($1000).

Photos must be send from user's gmail address from Love Detector activation to the e-mail:

Codes for ordered VibraLite version would be sent to you during 24 hours after receiving your mail.

04.10.2011 - Love detector for Android phones

Psychophysiological Love detector in your mobile phone. Test your relation with any person. Are you in Love, Like, Indiference, Dislike or Hate? It's simple to test with Love Detector!

Love detector for Android mobile phones. You need only to capture 5 second video of testing person by mobile phone and see the result of your relations with testing person from Love Detector program. The processing is based on vibraimage technology and photograph-model vibration analysis. The result shows Pearson correlation coefficient of two persons, or how much your vibrations are synchronized with testing person vibrations.

Love detectors shopping online at Psymaker

01.09.2011 - See aura everyday!

Simple and freindly aura vision program for lowest price. Shopping only in September on Psymaker Internet Shop

31.08.2011 - Android smartphones with aura vision program

Happy Android smartphone users could see auras by a new trial version of vibraimage program. Download free trial aura-vibraimage version from Downloads

and see you auras and auras of your friends and family by Android smartphone. Version VIAppAARMV.apk works free during 30 days after installation. See changes of your aura everyday!

11.05.2011 - Webcams for vibraimaging with Windows 7

New webcam from Genius - eFace 1300 accepts requests of vibraimaging. It's normally works with Windows 7 together with other tested webcams as Genius Look 1320 and Microsoft Cinema.

18.02.2011 - See Aura online by webcam

Now it is very simple to see your Aura. You need only to have a webcam and go to Psymaker page

22.12.2010 - New function of E-Monster includes in professional and lite versions of vibraimage program.

Now you could easy detect monsters in your team! New vibraimage function opens emotion mask and you see the real emotions hidden in person. You need only to upgrade Vibraimage 7.3 for using this function (free), or go to online shopping of VibraLite versions on Psymaker.

11.12.2010 - Christmas Aura and Emotions for Sale

Present personal aura to your love and friend! The most magic and modern gift of next 2011 year combines magic and hitech. Only in 2011 New Year holydays are the best prices on Aura-VI and Vibraimage 7.3. Online shopping on Psymaker

08.11.2010 - Start online shopping of video polygraph VibraLie on Psymaker

Professional psychophysiological detection of deception algorithm based on 28 uncorrelated head vibration parameters detects lie in auto mode by video processing. Next generation of lie detector on Psymaker

12.10.2010 - Personality and compatibility fingerprint tests online

Do you realy know your personality type?

Do you realy know your compatibility with partner?

Do you want to have a long life family?

Are you compatibile with your love?

Free online tests by fingerprints on Psymaker

08.09.2010 - Lite vibraimage at the lite price, only in September!

All emotions in the one lite package! Aggression, stress, anxiety, tension, suspect, balance, energy, charming plus Brain Voice and BioTester at the price less than two lite versions. Emotions sale in September. Control and take care of your emotions! Order lite emotions in the internet shop Psymaker.

30.07.2010 - Michael Jackson aura captured by vibraimage technology

Look Michael Jackson aura captured by vibraimage technology during 2005 year statement. Broken aura looks like broken life

Download vibraimage software and control aura of any public people by yourself on

23.07.2010 - Korean specialists in Lie Detection Certificated to Vibraimage method

Polygraph professionals from Korean police (with more than 10 years experience in lie detection) passed advanced training course for PDD by vibraimage technology and system. Eight Korean police specialists were granted on July 8, 2010, in Seoul Police Department by International Vibraimage Advanced Certification from Viktor Minkin, the inventor of vibraimage method.

21.06.2010 - Next upgrade of Vibraimage PRO version with medical diagnostics function

Detail human head movement analysis and functional diagnostics during one minute. Printing value and norms of neuroticism, inhibition, self regulation, energy, charm, balance, suspect, anxiety, stress and activity.

Tenprint of your emotions and psychophysiological state in a one minute by vibraimage technology.

The first presentation of medical Vibraimage version was on the passed international conference Integrative Medicine, Moscow, 18-20 June, All-Russia Exhibition Centre (VVC).

Available on

30.04.2010 - Vibraimage pages in Wikipedia

On english

On spanishíbulo_emocional

On russian

01.04.2010 - Love test by vibraimage technology

You could lightly find a best couple from politics, now! Download your video and receive compatibility test result immediately on Psymaker site:

22.03.2010 - Internet shop Psymaker is open. Aura, emotions, lie, compatibility, love, brain voice for sale.

More than 20 programs for testing aura, emotions, lie, compatibility, brain voice etc. Vibraimage technology opens a new world in psycholgy and biometrics. Don't worry, be psymaker!

22.01.2010 - Yulia Tymoshenko and Viktor Yanukovich auras

Control, compare and recognize emotions, minds and auras of Ukrainian politics

Download vibraimage software and control politics by yourself on

21.01.2010 - New biometric patent in China

Next biometric patent CN 00818338,4 based WO2001/052174 protects Elsys' technology in China

25.12.2009 - IP cameras for vibraimaging

Add IP cameras to the vibraimage hardware on the link

07.09.2009 - Movement physiology science progress

Aristotle, Charles Darwin, Ivan Sechenov, Sigmund Freud, Nikolai Bernstein, Konrad Lorenz, etc. What is united such different scientists? Look for understanding

01.06.2009 - Webcams list for vibraimage system operation

Update webcams list with the best parameters for vibraimage system operation, emotions recognition and lie detection download from

22.02.2009 - Politics aura

Look and compare President Obama aura changes during interview and presentation

Obama's aura, interview - President Obama talks to Americans about the economy

Obama's aura, video presentation - Your Money at Work

Video files show that Obama feels more comfortable in front of camera, than before correspondents. Other details of aura recognition on

23.11.2008 - Welcome to the Vibraimage World on Wetpaint!

International Vibraimage site for specialists and users created on wetpaint

14.11.2008 - Welcome to the German site about vibraimage

New German site about Vibraimage

20.05.2008 - Vibraimage for airport security

Look, test and purchase VibraImage system on ILA International

Aerospace Exhibition and Conferences in Berlin Air Show

May 27- June 1, Schoenefeld Airport


12.04.2008 - VibraImage patent in US

March 18, 2008 was published United States Patent 7,346,227 Method and device for image transformation (VibraImage technology). Full patent text downloads from international patent bases links



11.01.2008 - Vibraimage and Thermodynamics

View on vibraimage technology by the thermodynamics laws you can find by the link


26.11.2007 - VibraImage 7.0 is testing now.

VibraImage 7.0 gives more possibilities for users and spends less processor power then previous versions. Wait more details later!

10.08.2007 - See and print your aura and vibraimage

Look and print your aura and vibraimage!

Free software version download

VibraImage6sl and install.

Now you need the only web cam for control your aura and vibraimage.

PC must be connected to internet during software works.

25.07.2007 - Vibraimage network function

Vibraimage network function installed into standard vibraimage 6.2 software.

Now, users could control objects on any distance and identify person emotions in every part of the world.

17.04.2007 - Kirlian Microscope

First in the world Kirlian microscope was developed and created by the order of Kuban State Medical Academy. Microscope allows to visualize and register by computer the electrical activity of objects. Spatial resolution of electrical fields till several microns, time resolution till 1 ms. Microscope constructed for medical applications and research of internal humans and animals.

06.02.2007 - Next VibraImage patent received

The next vibraimage patent RU 2289310 received for:

"Method of obtaining information about psychological and

physiological states for live object."

27.11.2006 - VibraImage 6.1

VibraImage 6.1 is now available for registered users.


26.10.2006 - Elsys on SIMO International Data Processing, Multimedia and Communications Show.

Visit ELSYS on SIMO International Data Processing, Multimedia and Communications Show. Madrid 7 - 12 November 2006.

Free print of your AURA!

19.09.2006 - VibraImage 6.0 trial and professional

Open for customers a new VibraImage 6.0 program version. You could select

trial or professional version.

28.02.2006 - ELSYS on CeBIT 2006!

Visit ELSYS Hall 6, Stand A48 on CeBIT 2006.

Great discounts on VibraImage and VibraLie systems for every visitor!

Free look on your aura!

07.02.2006 - VibraImage 5.1

VibraImage 5.1 is now available for registered users.


19.07.2005 - VibraImage 5.0

VibraImage 5.0 is now available for registered users.


05/30/2005 - VibraImage software help file


12/07/2004 - Next versions of presentations VibraImage and 3D-Elsys technologies

Presentation is MS PowerPoint file. Download 3D-ELSYS(17Mb)

Presentation is MS PowerPoint file. Download Vibra-Image(19Mb)

09/29/2003 - Aura-VibraImage presentation Download...

Presentation is MS PowerPoint file. Download(9,4Mb)

10/16/2002 - BioFinger presentation - new view to the fingers. Download...

MS PowerPoint presentation is packed to zip-file. Download(1,3Mb)

06/11/2002 - 3D-ELSYS presentation - new generation of biometric systems. Download...

Presentation is MS PowerPoint file. Download(4,3Mb)

11/19/2001 - Biometrics patent awards the gold medal on the World Exhibition of Innovation Research and New Technologies "Brussels-Eureka".

Biometric Security System and Technology was presented on "Brussels-Eureka" by ELSYS Corp. and was awarded with mention. Biometric Technology is protected by PTC application WO 01/52174 and includes passport documents, tickets, border control, sensors and identification hard & soft ware in one worldwide security system. The main idea of the invention is based on chipless smart card (BiCard) read by one sensor with real finger.

10/05/2001 - ELSYS Corp. took a part in the Second Russian Venture fair

October 4 and 5 the Second Russian Venture fair was passed in the Central exhibition hall "Manezh", St. Petersburg, Russia. ELSYS Corp. exposition of BiCard system was interesting for all visitors and won the prize for "The Best Presentation".


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